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Hair and beauty has always been a passion of mine but it seems that this passion is shared by my fellow Brits and the rest of the world because if there's one business that continues to grow, its hair extensions. The Guardian reported sales were up an amazing £60m a year and were still growing in 2012. So as we get ready to welcome 2014 having survived the challenges in our economy, financial projections still show that the hair business has not once faltered but continues to soar.

Like any business its about demand and supply and what tends to happen is that quality gets compromised in order to meet the markets demands and make profit. The hair business is no exception where forgery is concerned and sometimes people start to sell a product whether good or bad just as long as they make some money. A great sales pitch right now would be to say that at Nicolle's Boutique we aim to bring our customers a luxury product and aim to give them the quality they deserve right? Well as a reader I'm thinking one of two things "Wow that product sounds great" or "Bla, bla, bla heard it all before." To both responses I say the proof is in the pudding or well in this case the product!

This is not a Nicolle's Boutique picture (Just an example of what hair extensions can achieve.)

Although entering into a highly competitive market arguably late in the game, I guess the question is "Is there room for one more?" and the answer is, there has to be because we are here to stay! Why are we so special and what makes us different? Well it's in our attention to detail and our decision to choose quality over quantity and our vision to deliver high quality products and great service worldwide. In a ever growing market where we could sell dreams we have decided reality is just fine with us. We stock only the best virgin hair from our sources and we have explicitly told them that 'if its not good, we don't want it!' Truth is our sources aren't on the Nicolle's boutique frontline we are, so if they fail to deliver then we fail to deliver and nobody wants that. 

DID YOU KNOW: In 2010 UK Customs reported £15m worth of treated human hair was imported into the UK a further £10m worth of wigs, false beards, eyebrows and eyelashes.

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Nicolle Ndiweni
Nicolle Ndiweni


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