Why should I SPEND my hard earned money???

So I know some of you ladies out there are thinking, why should I spend so much money on hair? Well one thing is for certain I don't like wasting money and would like to think the rest of the world would agree. Which is why quality is very important to our team and why very stringent processes have been put in place in order to give our customers what they deserve and a brand they can trust. There is honestly no better felling than getting your moneys worth out of anything you purchase so that being said the average lifespan for virgin hair extensions is dependant on firstly the quality and secondly how well you look after them. Like most things worth having in life maintenance is key. A good example that comes to mind is getting a girlfriend because I think getting her is the easier part, it's keeping her happy that takes some doing but all humour aside if you treat your hair like an investment and what will happen is you'll look fabulous for a long time and save money whilst doing it. So what I am saying essentially is here at Nicolle's Boutique we are trying to change the word SPEND to SAVE.

Why should I SAVE my hard earned money??? Well, I think I will let you answer that question yourself.



Virgin hair can last you six months to a year and even a couple of years depending on how you care for it.
Usually, hair extensions last 6-9 months, although we have many customers that have worn the same hair extensions for over a year!

Read more: https://gotvirgin.com/faqs/how-long-does-this-hair-last/
Read more: http://www.thehairbrokers.com/contents/en-us/terms.html

Nicolle Ndiweni
Nicolle Ndiweni


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