Hair extensions gone bad!


So as you may have gathered today we have an IMPORTANT ALERT to all hair extension users regardless of age, race or gender. It's simple, if you are not careful you too will look like Naomi Campbell (above) and will loose your hair line. Hair extensions are there to enhance and beautify but are also guilty of destroying hair and if not correctly installed making some one look a little on the crazy side.

Personally I think in the 21st century there is no longer any excuses for us to allow such things to happen especially now we have been blessed with the internet and failing that a mirror. Is it laziness or impatience? Maybe is lack of hair knowledge what ever that is. Not all but most people who use hair extensions are a click away from the information they need, the youtube tutorial they could do with and failing that the hair shop they purchased their extensions from. First thing is first prevention is better that cure so just be careful ladies.

I nearly permanently lost my hair line due to impatience and literally ripping my hair out when removing my extensions luckily for me my repeat offending stopped just in time. I stopped being lazy and researched the right methods and gained 'hair knowledge' whatever that is. Our tag line at Nicolle's Boutique is 'Love your hair' sounds cute right? But if you don't you will lose it and I can testify. Britney Spears (above) is a hair extensions repeat offender seen above sporting some of the most interesting hair extension installations you have ever seen. Now I know some of you ladies are at home agreeing but the difference between you and Britney is that you don't have paparazzi ready to take a picture of your hair extensions gone wrong.

*Always give you hair a break from hair extensions, as too much of anything is never good
*If you are losing your hair line, for treatment I suggest JRB Virgin hair fertiliser. The smell is intense but it works!!! Put a little on in the morning and the same at night.
* To avoid further hair line damage avoid styles that need your hair scraped back and try full head weaves with a full fringe or side sweep fringe in conduction with use of the hair fertiliser.
* DIY hair installation can go wrong so if you insist, proceed at your own risk and then get a second opinion by asking questions like can you see my tracks or does my hair look natural.
* Good hair extensions are nothing without a good hairdresser who is aware of how you like to style your hair. installing and styling is really important because if you want to put your hair up and
the hairdresser isn't aware you may end up like Britney.


In one study published in the research journal Human Nature, researchers found that women who had originally been rated by a test group as being less attractive were rated far more highly when shown with a longer hairstyle.

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Nicolle Ndiweni
Nicolle Ndiweni


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