The birth of Nicolle's Boutique

I have always had a big interest in hair and beauty taking pride in how I look always. Having used various different hair extensions for many many years and from a young age. I had good and bad experiences but one thing I have learnt is that quality hair is the best hair and spending a little extra on quality is an investment.
The hair extensions market has continued to grow and diversify and I have grown with it too sporting different kinds of hair Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Cambodian, long, short, straight and curly. Sounds amazing right but the reality of it is that it wasn’t amazing at the best of times. I have been greatly disappointed by some of the products that I myself have purchased online that stated “Minimal Shedding” yet created a whole new weave on my brush, “Tangle Free” but formed a birds nest, “Can Be Dyed” but shortly after dying the hair the texture changed from soft and luxurious to some sort of brittle, wirey contraption on my head. Truth is you don’t hear those stories because most people share their successes and not their failures and well Photoshop and Instagram filters do wonders, ask me I know. So that being said I went on the hunt for all the things that I as a customer/consumer was frustrated about and to be honest all I wanted was it to be what it said it was on the box and do what it said it did on the box, after all that’s the reason I bought it. (Rant over, solution time)

Having done my research and having travelled and searched the world for where I can find "good hair" the products we found and Nicolle’s Boutiques was born. I look forward to the growth and expansion of the brand, stocking new lines and always trying to improve. For how far we have come I give all glory to God, it's not been as easy as I just made it sound but where there is a will, theres a way especially when God makes a way. The luxury virgin hair we sell is handpicked from foreign manufacturers who uphold in our ethos, brand values and commitment to quality, fair trade and our belief that women deserve to look and feel their best at all times.

There is a saying “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel; you just have to think outside the box.” The changes we made to our products are simple yet effective for minimum shedding wefts are strengthened using in house techniques and to prevent tangling the product is genuinely 5A+ grade hair to start with although do have a look at our after care tips. Lastly all our extensions are bleach and dye friendly but I would encourage you to take precautions when using chemicals just as you would when dying your our own hair. I.e. don’t leave the hair dye in for longer than usual just because they are hair extensions as I have all been guilty of that myself and well we know how that story ends.

Our product is for anyone and everyone who wants to buy quality virgin remy hair extensions regardless of age, gender, race or geographic location. We provide a service that caters to people all over the world whether you are a first time buyer or a hair extension pro, We offer new product, quality, variety and what it says on the box.
In my world every day is an occasion and to be honest when I look good I feel good or sometimes I feel a little better than before. Having worked with women in various different capacities I know one thing for sure, everyone wants to look good but what’s different is their definition of what good is and that's what makes us unique. Beauty comes for within but if hair extensions are your thing Nicolles Boutique is definitely one to visit.

Nicolle Ndiweni
Nicolle Ndiweni


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