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So I don't know whether it's because the sun has graced us with it's presence or everyone happen's to be going on a first date and wants a new look because everyone is ombre-ing their hair this season. It is one of the easiest ways to spice up your look with out too much effort and hear this, you don't even have to go to the hair dressers for it.

It's spring so I'm guessing everyone is thinking brighter colours brighter hair which is all well and good but judging by my trip into town the other day I'm thinking about all the ombre disasters I came across. It's important you read the instructions (Something I rarely do) because whether you are working on your own hair or your hair extensions the key is knowing how long to keep the bleach on to avoid disaster. Knowing the grade of hair you have also allows you to know what percentage peroxide/ developer to go for. Developers range from 10 - 40% so if your hair in thin or tends to be naturally dry we would suggest you go for the less harsh developers 10 and 20% but if you have 'healthy' hair you can use percentages depending on the desired effect. When dealing with bleach REMEMBER condition your hair for a minimum of 20mins

I am going to give my readers a few tips on what you will need for the perfect DIY ombre and how to avoid disaster. The aim of ombre-ing your hair is to spice up your look and get you feeling hotter and not walking around town with dry and crispy ends,  yes ladies I said crispy.

1. 'What do I need'

DIY Essentials

* Hair bleach, hair dye or highlighting kit (If you have long or thick hair we advise you buy 2 or more)
* Mixing bowl
* Gloves
* Old T-shirt
* Applicator brush, tail comb (Optional)
* Foils
* Old towel
* Hair brush
* Timer (Always keep you eyes on the timer)

2.'How do I do it?'

8 Simple steps!                 

3. What should I avoid?

Avoid keeping the hair bleach, hair dye or highlighting kit in your hair for too long as this will result in damaging your hair

Avoid getting any of the solution on your skin, in your eyes etc.


Nicolle Ndiweni
Nicolle Ndiweni


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November 17, 2014

I value the article. Awesome.

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