Quick and Easy Summer Hairstyles

If there is one thing we all love and hate about the summer is the HEAT. I mean hair extensions do wonders but one has to admit that under all those layers of luxury locks, it does get pretty hot under there.

I just wanted to share a few quick and easy summer hairstyles with all of you because we want you to love your hair no matter the weather. 

Summer hairstyles are often about keeping hair off your face, out of the way and being low maintenance. Lately on the media we keep seeing messy buns, braids, head bands and lighter colours all of which keep sweat away. So as promised here are some tips/ideas for you you use or maybe to share with a friend.


                 Cool yet quirky                   


                  Beach Ready    

Simple yet Sexy


Feeling fishy 

Fierce and Fabulous


Soft yet Sassy


Enjoy the sun, fun and summer styles x



Nicolle Ndiweni
Nicolle Ndiweni


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