Top 10 Perfect Valentines Dates

It's that time of the season when most women are rushing around getting ready and anxious about Valentines Day. If you don't have a date you are either not bothered about this arguably commercialised day or stuffing yourself with Ben and Jerrys ice cream whilst watching a romantic film ALONE.  Drowning ones sorrows in a good bottle of wine doesn't seem like such an awful idea at this point. If I see another cute stuffed animal, it will be to soon.

Now, for those lucky ladies who have been buying that new hair, looking for that hot dress and are eyeing up those killer heels to remind him how good he has it, our question to you is what is your DREAM date.

I asked 10 women at random what their DREAM date would be and this is what they came up with.  

1. Flowers in the morning, pick me up, do lunch and a spa day with him then a romantic overnight stay and candle light dinner at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel London  

2. Breakfast in bed, spoilt with a shopping spree and lunch and with surprise destination holiday to either Italy, New York, Bora Bora or Fiji

3. Woken up to 12 long stem red roses, a cooked breakfast made by my partner in his boxers and then he gets on one knee and proposes with a Vera Wang Ring. Chauffer driven in a Maybach to catch a private plane to London for dinner, drinks and an overnight stay at The Shard.

4. Breakfast in bed, bouquet of flowers, tells me he has put money in your account to spoil myself. He tells me to meet him at a nice restaurant and a Roll Royce pulls up outside the house and takes me to the restaurant. As the car pulls up I see him standing there with gifts of all my favourite things. After dinner he tells me your bags are packed and we are off to Hawaii.

5. He pretends its not Valentines Day, when I get home there would candles everywhere  from the doorway way to the kitchen and he would be cooking in trousers and a bow tie. He would have made food from my country and would tell me he loves me for the first time. That would be perfect.

6. On the 13th of February he picks me up and we go to the airport. Theres a private jet, The pilot offers us champagne still unaware of the destination. We land on a rooftop at midnight covered in fairy lights and there is a dinner table and a live band with a live performance by Seal of "If you don't  know me by now" and I turn around to see the view of the eiffel tower.

7. I would like to wake up to some roses and a card, that would be nice. The card would say we are off to Paris. Being in Paris alone the one I love would be magical. After the the perfect Pinterest Eiffel tower selfie my last surprise would be the perfect pair of heels.

8. He would leave a note saying there is a car waiting for you outside. I would get ready and arrive at a a beautiful lake house. A note on the door would tell me to go to the bedroom and slip into something red which would be laid on the bed written wear me. I would make my way downstairs where there would be a fire and rose petals everywhere. He would come in and to be honest that would be perfect. A proposal on that day would be nice too.

9. We would go to Paris for day. Candle light dinner at a Michelin Star French restaurant with live music from violinist with a great view. We would head to an open mic night at a cool bar for drinks and end the evening at a beautiful hotel.

10. A three course home cooked meal, watch my favourite film on DVD. Desert would be my Valentines Day gift and a full body massage by candle light.

All I can say is I hope some of you get that DREAM date.

And remember to love your hair and love yourself.

Happy Valentines Day 

Nicolle x.


Nicolle Ndiweni
Nicolle Ndiweni


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