Hair Care

  • First things first, know what look you want to achieve when shopping for virgin hair extensions, as the textures, style and quality differ. Although hair extensions are renowned for creating volume, length and are great if you fancied a change in hair colour, remember a good installation is what makes the hair look amazing and blend seamlessly.


    Volume: If you would like to add more volume and achieve maximum fullness with our hair extensions we suggest more bundles. For example if you buy 14", 16", 18" hair and you would prefer thicker hair then try 14", 16", 18", 18"

    Length: Longer hair is usually what women are after when purchasing hair extensions, our team have highlighted the lengths on the next tab and indicated where the extensions will land once installed. What length were you thinking? When in doubt ask your stylist but if you are your own stylist we have pictures you may want to use as a great visual aid.

  • Brush hair daily using a brush or wide toothed comb, hair should be brushed from the ends and work your way up. Do so a minimum of twice a day when you get up and when you go to sleep. All hair extensions inevitably get dry but especially if you have dyed or ombred the hair, so application of a minimal amount of Argan oil daily or every other day will give the hair some moisture and keep it looking and feeling healthy. Your hair should be moisturised from the ends and work your way up using the same technique advised for brushing and combing you hair.

     Depending on how much product you use in your hair i.e. hairspray, mousse, oils etc. We recommend you wash and condition your hair often but at the very least once every two weeks or weekly if you are heavy hairspray, oil or mousse user. When you have washed and conditioned your hair we recommend you allow it to hair dry then apply the oil of your choice and style to your taste. If you wish to blow dry, straighten or curl your hair please remember use heat protector.

    Combing hair often avoids the build up of tangled hair and wrapping or making a large braid before bed also decreases tangled hair caused by friction. This regime doesn't have to be adhered to always but often will keep your hair fabulous for longer. Lastly your hair is your crown and glory, take good care of your hair and it will take good care of you by making sure you look and feel amazing at all times.

    AVOID Cutting the weft as the hair may begin to shed especially if cut incorrectly.
    AVOID Cutting your hair as this may result in blunt ends unless done by a professional.