Partner Stylist Program

Nicolle's Boutique Partner Stylists receive exclusive discounts, sales commission and free advertising. 

In addition to the above, Nicolle’s Boutique will add you to our referral list, this means that whenever customers purchase our luxury hair extensions in your area, we will refer them to your services as an approved partner stylist.

This is a smart and easy way to gain exposure and generate more revenue for you and your business.

Nicolle’s Boutique Partner Stylist Program [PSP] was established for qualified hair technicians, mobile hair stylists, and vendors. This program affords you the opportunity to offer your clients quality hair extensions and cosmetic products, whilst benefiting financially from the referral without having to physically purchase and re-sell the stock.

Upon successful application we will assign a unique referral code to your account. You will then give your PSP referral code to your clients who will order luxury hair extensions from our united kingdom based distribution centre at or via the telephone quoting the assigned referral code.

Your clients will then receive a discount on purchases made via your PSP account, and you (the Partner Stylist) will in turn receive a commission in sales payable at the end of every month paid direct to your account.

As a partner stylist your benefits will include the following:

  • Generous discounts on all of our products for you and your clients.
  • The elimination of upfront inventory.
  • Monthly commission payments for your client’s purchases.*
  • Client referrals in your area subject to minimum order requirements.
  • Free rewards.
  • Free personalised discount cards to give your clients.
  • Product Catalogue.

Apply by calling us on +44 (0)116 410 5800 or via email at